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What's beautiful today...?

2/13/09 09:33 pm - kisyanya - Yesterday's performance by James Blunt in Moscow

It was fantastic evening, it was fantastic show and he was great....nothing more to say.

1/28/09 05:32 pm - gleamingdawn - 49 icons...

I recently noticed that there's quite a lack of James Blunt icons out there in the world wide web, so I created some new stuff yesterday.
Enjoy it! :)

[49] James Blunt


More at my LJ !!!

1/19/09 05:24 pm - rhardin

1/12/09 02:34 pm - kisyanya - James Blunt in Moscow

Hi there!

I'm a new person in the community and I'm wondering if there's anyone from Moscow here? On February, 12 James is going to visit us, does anyone go to the concert? I'll surelly be there but unfortunately I don't have company. So...?

5/4/08 05:48 pm - psychtraveller - Singapore

Anyone from Singapore here, would like to go with me to The James Blunt concert? Plz reply. ;)

5/2/08 03:10 pm - psychtraveller - SIngapore

DOes anyone know when JB is going to SIngapore?

5/1/08 11:41 am - sugareecupcake - James Blunt on A&E channel Sunday May 11th 9am Est.

 I loooooooooooooove JAMES BLUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 11th at 9 am EST - Only on A&E's PRIVATE SESSIONS -
UK sensation JAMES BLUNT tells all from growing up in an army family with no musical roots to bolting his guitar to the outside of an army tank to writing the poetic and passionate hits that have made him the star he is today.  Plus, don’t miss his exclusive performances of his signature hit “You’re Beautiful”, “Wise Men” and off his new album, “I’ll Take Everything”, “Same Mistake” and the chart-topping hit “1973”.

10/2/07 08:38 am - kinky_carter - Request

Does someone have the song Carry You Home from James Blunt's new album?

9/30/07 11:25 pm - prverbialunrest - Check out the NEW video

9/26/07 04:35 pm - jill1228 - James Blunt at the Now and Zen Festival 9/23/07 in San Francisco

OMG, it was off the hook! I chatted with some of the band members after the show. This was my 7th JB Concert

I took these photos at the show
Read more...Collapse )

I have a lot more photos...
I also took some video
I didn't get to see him and holler at him after the show this time, but I did get to chat with the band again. They are hella nice

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